Big Splash Car Wash & Uber In Kansas City

Hello!  Big Splash Car Wash wants all customers and potential customers to know that we are OPEN for business in all kinds of weather.  Believe it or not, some of our customers even come in when it’s raining to wash their car!


In fact, a rainy day may be the best day to schedule a luxurious auto detailing service for your vehicle since most car washes are slower on those days.  And we offer full auto detailing at both of our locations, one in Overland Park and the other in Kansas City.

While the current stretch of weather here in Kansas City has been incredibly nice, just a few weeks ago it was 8 degrees on a Tuesday and we were actually washing cars at both locations! In fact, a friendly operations manager from the booming and globally expansive mobile app/taxi service business called Uber stopped by to meet us. I am a big fan of Uber personally… you must check it out if you have not done so already! Anyhow, he was this is what he had to say about Big Splash Car Wash:


“I drove around the Kansas City midtown area looking for a car wash to recommend to our partners, and though it was 8 degrees, Big Splash was still open and washing cars!  Meanwhile none of the other car washes in the area were open.” – Peter McKelvy, Uber Operations Manager

We struck a deal with Uber to provide their Kansas City area drivers (a team of 1,000+ and growing fast!) discounted car washes, a reduced rate for Unlimited Monthly Wash Memberships and a Free Hand Wax when they sign up. That’s what you call an “uber-deal”!

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