Your Car's Holiday Hangover
Jul, 06, 2017

If you are like many people, this is the time of year for extended road trips, fun in the sun and maybe even a visit to the country or an open space to watch fireworks.  Believe it or not, as...

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How To Remove Oxidation From Your Car
Jun, 02, 2017

When you mention the word “oxidation” in reference to cars, most people will assume you’re talking about rust. Yet savvy car enthusiasts know oxidation can be a big problem for a car long...

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Car Washes Provide 'Grace for Vets'
Nov, 11, 2016

Today is November 11th. The day that our country has chosen to stop and remember all the Veterans who have served to keep our country free. Today, all across our nation, people will be honoring and...

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Solar Energy Makes a Splash!
Oct, 06, 2016

At Big Splash Car Wash, we’re always striving to be innovative and work to make cars in Kansas City and Overland Park clean, shiny and dry for an affordable price. That’s why this past year we...

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Auto Detail Your Car for the Winter Wonderland
Jan, 04, 2016

Car owners living in colder climates often wonder about what kinds of detailing to get during the winter months. Does my car wash routine need to change during winter? What are the winter time...

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How Often Should I Wash My Car?
Sep, 14, 2015

Some car owners wash their car daily while others don’t wash their vehicle until a stranger scratches the words, “PLEASE WASH ME”, into the pollen, dust and mud that is caked on their car’s...

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Make Interior Auto Detailing Part of Your Routine
Aug, 20, 2015

If your car is like mine, the inside of it is constantly bombarded by all kinds of things like children, pets, dirt, mud, grime, leaves, and debris from any and all items that come and go constantly....

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Bug Removal Checklist: Stop Bugs from Ruining Your Ride
Aug, 02, 2015

Are you plagued by unwanted splatters of dead bugs on the exterior of your vehicle? Do you have twice-baked bugs stuck to your fender and windshield? Are you frustrated with failed attempts to remove...

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High Tech Car Wash Uses RFID & Automated Pay Stations
Jul, 13, 2015

Radio frequency identification (RFID) has been around for decades. One of the first consumer applications of RFID was in the late 1980’s and early 1990s for collection of automated tolls on the...

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How Proper Car Washing & Maintenance Saves Your Original Auto Paint
Jun, 02, 2015

Anyone who invests in a vehicle, whether a car, pick-up truck, or SUV, wants it to look as good as possible for as long as possible. Let's face it - cars cost a lot of money today!  While there are...

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