How Proper Car Washing & Maintenance Saves Your Original Auto Paint

Anyone who invests in a vehicle, whether a car, pick-up truck, or SUV, wants it to look as good as possible for as long as possible. Let’s face it – cars cost a lot of money today!  While there are some things beyond your control such as parking lot dings, driving on gravel roads occasionally, or a neighbor’s cat jumping on your vehicle, there are many things you can do to preserve your original auto paint and keep it looking showroom new!

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Nearly anyone who lives in the Overland Park or Kansas City area knows that winters can be tough. Snow, sleet, and ice often result in salting or sanding of the roadways to make travel safer, however these elements, particularly salt, can be extremely damaging to your vehicle’s auto paint job. Regular use of a car wash facility that uses non-abrasive soaps and polishes to remove winter’s salt and grime can help maintain your vehicle’s original factory paint job.

While you may not know it, over exposure to the sun and even many car waxes and polishes available on the market today at popular automotive stores can also have negative effects on your car’s paint.

Speaking of sun damage, protecting your car from the sun’s rays is important to prevent fading of the color. After a couple of years due to sun damage, the paint on your vehicle may lose its rich, deep color it once had. Just as the sun can fade clothes, furnishings/flooring or carpet inside a home that is exposed through uncovered windows, and other materials, it can fade your car’s color, making it appear lackluster and dull. While frequent washing at a trusted Kansas City car wash that uses safe products that are non-abrasive is important, if you have a garage, use it! If not, consider a car cover or the use of a portable or mobile carport.

Bird droppings and insects are often acidic, which means they can damage your car’s paint. It’s important to remove both as soon as possible, and to use tools that are clean (such as brushes and cloths, sponges, or towels) when washing your vehicle. Many car wash facilities provide soaping brushes that car owners use to remove heavy dirt and grime; before you use it, be sure to rinse it well with water so any abrasive particles are removed from previous use.

Keeping your car clean using non-abrasive soaps keeps your car’s headlights clean and clear as well. Regular washing and thorough drying helps prevent oxidation, and removing salt will keep you from experiencing rust spots, a real headache for owners.  We know how important it is to keep your car in its original showroom condition for as long as possible, maintaining the deep color and luster that makes your vehicle attract notice from others. When your paint does fade, become dull, or rust despite all of your efforts, count on a trusted Kansas City auto painting professional to make your car look brand new again!

This post was submitted by Prestige Auto KC, an Overland Park Auto Body Shop ( .  For more information on Prestige Auto KC, visit their website or on Google+ at: Overland Park Auto Body Shop.

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