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by Jason Mc Clure on Big Splash Car Wash
The Good and the Bad!
Location: Overland Park

This is a really good car wash and I especially like the full services offered. However, the amount of frustration and rage exhibited over the past two week ends has me looking elsewhere. A long line forms around the block on Floyd street blocking people trying to exit the self service vacuum area. Then, cars entering from Metcalf on Hamilton street try to cut in the line causing tempers to flair. Horns are honking, gestures are exchanged and I have witnessed 3 instances where people have gotten out of their cars to challenge others. All this makes for a very unpleasant experience. Please get a handle on traffic control during busy times.

by Gail Herron on Big Splash Car Wash
Location: Metcalf

I really like the car wash, and Kuddos to GM Adam! Thank You:)

by BJ Teicher on Big Splash Car Wash
Location: 39th street

I went to Big Splash Car Wash yesterday. My car was so dirty from a long trip I had taken. The people that worked on it we're friendly professional and did a wonderful job! I will definitely come back to Big Splash Car Wash!

by Jallisa on Big Splash Car Wash
Big splash
Location: Overland Park

It is such a great place and friendly environment I would recommend it to everyone!!

by Sharniece on Big Splash Car Wash
Location: Overland Park

Tamara by far had the best customer service. She is very knowledgeable and knows how to talk to customers ! I will come here because of her!

by Rod Stuckey on Big Splash Car Wash
Best Car Wash
Location: Overland Park

I have been in charge of maintaining fleets of cars for years now, we currently run at least four to eight limo's and coaches through this car wash daily. We are very happy with their service, and our cars look beautiful!

by Allen Fields on Big Splash Car Wash
Wow Wow Wow
Location: Overland Park

I visited this wash today. I'm new to Kansas and My wife and I car had bug goo all over it bcuz of the drive from Arizona. I drove up and a tall man named Daniel approached me. He was absolutely the perfect employee. I've been to five star restaurants and I have never received service as good as I got at this car wash. He not only helped me choose my wash, I chose one of the middle ones, but he went above and beyond to make sure my cars were clean. Great guy great conversation and a damn hard worker! I'm buying my wife and I memberships and glad to have been greeted to Kansas with such enthusiasm!

Thank you for the feedback! I have shared it with Daniel and he is most appreciative as well. Best regards,

Location: Overland Park Kansas

If Daniel isnt a manager he should be. He attention to detail is superb I've been coming here for months and I've never had such a clean-looking vehicle until he did it. As well he should be training these employees of yours on how to detail a vehicle I believe you would have more satisfied customers. I stopped coming here months ago because of poor attention to details. Daniel has given me confidence to come back. Please take a look at his performance and you detail I think you have a superior employee here and deserves to be a trainer and or a manager. Thank you

Jon, thanks so much for your feedback on Daniel! I passed this along to him and I know he appreciates it. Best regards,

Great Job, Awesome service
Location: Overland Park

Deion did a terrific job detailing the interior of my car. He took the time to make sure all the small details were done. He was very professional, timely and so was the rest of the team! I will definitely be back again.

by Erica Foster on Big Splash Car Wash
Big splash car wash review
Location: Overland Park

Deion did an amazing job on the interior of my 2014 Ford Fiesta. The service overall was timely and the entire staff professional!

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