Service Shines at Kansas City Car Wash

Happy Spring to All! Here in Kansas City, flowers and blooming, the grass is green, birds are singing and plenty of folks have decided it’s a good time to get their car washed at one of the Big Splash Car Wash locations in the Westport area of Kansas City or Overland Park.

Some of those people are a little distracted these days, however…. Their minds must be on enjoying the gorgeous weather! In the past week alone, we have had three instances where customers required service above and beyond to help them through a tight spot. And guess what? Big Splash employees delivered again and again!

Woman_Car Blue

The first case was a man who inadvertently left money in the lobby while he was waiting for his auto detail service to be completed. Our manager tracked him down in time to give him back the $100 that he had left behind.

The second case was a woman who left her wallet on top of our express pay station. The shop supervisor noticed this and was able to track her down before she drove off the property.

The third case occurred at our Kansas City car wash location. A woman was using the free vacuums when she accidentally locked her keys in her car! She did have another set of car keys (at home) but the catch was that her only set of house keys was also locked inside her car.

So how did Big Splash respond? Our Owner, Jason, drove her to her house which was a few miles away, helped her break into her house through a backyard window and then brought her back so she was able to go about her day without further interruption.

Believe it or not, this is a fairly typical week at Big Splash Car Wash. We treat our customers right on a consistent basis and always strive to be their ‘go to’ car wash. We hope to see you at one of our locations soon!

PS: My favorite Customer Service story happened a few years ago when a groom on the way to his wedding stopped to get his car washed. Before he left, he couldn’t find the ring anywhere and thought maybe it got sucked up in our vacuum system! We took the system apart but it was not there. So the manager helped the customer search the vehicle and they found the ring in a cranny of the vehicle trunk under some other items. Mazel Tov!


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