High Tech Car Wash Uses RFID & Automated Pay Stations

Radio frequency identification (RFID) has been around for decades. One of the first consumer applications of RFID was in the late 1980’s and early 1990s for collection of automated tolls on the highway. During this exchange, an active transponder located on the vehicle’s windshield would activate when the vehicle reached a toll booth reader. The transponder reflects back a unique ID to the reader at the booth. The ID is associated with the account of the vehicle owner, who is then billed for using the toll. In this application of RFID, consumer wait time has been significantly reduced by making the process of paying toll fees more efficient and smooth.
RFID is becoming more affordable for consumer applications. As RFID technology continues to evolve, the opportunities for new applications of RFID are evolving as well, especially in the professional car washing industry. RFID technology was introduced to the car wash industry in 2005 by DRB Systems to identify prepaid customers and make the car wash point of sale process a virtual breeze. RFID tags are placed on the windshield of a customer’s vehicle. The tag communicates with the reader at the self-pay station to check the customer’s account and either deduct a prepaid service or validate their membership. This system saves time for customers and streamlines the car wash purchasing process.

At Big Splash Car Wash we have enhanced the car wash buying experience by providing RFID technology to our customers who sign up for unlimited monthly wash memberships. In fact, industry data suggests that demand for monthly memberships at car wash businesses is on the rise. To date, car washes around the country utilizing DBR Systems have issued nearly 3 million FastPass RFID windshield tags! More and more RFID equipped car wash operators are discovering that over half of their customers are monthly pass holders. Additionally, they are reporting higher revenues and vehicle volume. According to recent research by IndustryWatch, car wash businesses that sell monthly passes have traffic volume approximately 70% higher than non-pass sites. They also reported that traffic volume at RFID sites has increased every year since 2011, while non-RFID sites have, on average, experienced volume decreases.

Big Splash Car Wash provides faster car wash service to Kansas City customers by seamlessly integrating DBR’s FastPass system along with automated pay stations. This powerful combination makes our Overland Park car wash and Westport car wash customers happier by allowing them quick and convenient access to their membership services. In fact, most RFID-driven FastPass transactions take less than 2 seconds to complete! The automated pay stations empower our customers to control the pace and outcome of the car wash buying experience while enjoying the user friendly, easy-to-follow, audio-visual features. By leveraging all of these high tech investments, Big Splash Car Wash has simplified the car wash buying experience for time-strapped individuals.

Using RFID technology has helped Big Splash Car Wash develop loyal relationships with our customers. At Big Splash Car Wash, we understand how busy our Kansas City consumers are. That’s why we provide a fast and convenient car wash buying experience.