Bug Removal Checklist: Stop Bugs from Ruining Your Ride

Are you plagued by unwanted splatters of dead bugs on the exterior of your vehicle? Do you have twice-baked bugs stuck to your fender and windshield? Are you frustrated with failed attempts to remove stubborn bug remains on your own? If you’re tired of your ride looking like Jackson Pollack painted it with bug guts, then check out our bug removal checklist. Before you learn what to do, let’s understand why it’s difficult to remove bugs remains from your vehicle.

Splattered bug guts on your front bumper and hood look terrible. More importantly, they are destructive. When a bug hits your car’s surface at 35-50 miles per hour, it explodes. The insides of many bugs are highly damaging due to their acidity. When bugs begin decomposing they produce destructive enzymes and proteins that bond to the automotive paint of your car, resulting in etching. Once these creepy crawlers dry out, they become even more difficult to remove without chipping the paint of your vehicle.

1.       Find a High-Quality Full Service Car Wash

The best way to remove bugs from your vehicle is by going to a full service car wash. Although there are bug removal products available in the automotive section of stores, the process can be complicated, time-consuming and lead to further damage if you do not know what you are doing. Common mistakes include: use of excessive force to wipe the bugs off, thus scratching the paint; use of the wrong bug removal product; use of the wrong tools when applying the product; failure to remove all the bug remains; and not adequately re-waxing the surface to protect the automotive paint after bug removal.

 Successful removal of bug remains can take hours at home, especially if your car is covered in them. You would need to thoroughly treat, wash and wax your entire car. Between work responsibilities, family duties, and running errands – most people simply do not have that extra time. Be realistic and make life a little easier for yourself by going to a full service car wash. Let the professionals apply the proper products and detailing that keep your vehicle bug free

2.      Get Your Entire Car Washed

When bug remains have had a chance to dry out, it’s essential to wash your whole car. As bugs remains decompose, the enzymes released adhere to your car and etch the paint. A quality professional wash will help soften bug remains, while removing other contaminants like pollen and dirt that are diminishing the appearance of your car.

Car Wash exterior

3.     Choose a ‘Bug Removal’ Add-On if Available

Most full service car washes have auto detailing options for bug removal. Don’t be afraid to ask the professionals for advice about the best option for your specific vehicle. Some professional washes utilize a special bug removal product in their comprehensive wash package options.

Bug Removal sign

At Big Splash Car Wash in Overland Park and Kansas City, bug juice is sprayed on all cars prior to entering the tunnel for exterior washes during ‘bug season’.

4.      Invest in a Hand Wax Auto Detail

After bug remains have been removed, protect your vehicle’s paint with a quality hand wax auto detail service. The wax that is applied during this process makes it harder for bug guts to stick to your car in the future.

hand wax

Big Splash Car Wash offers Hand Wax auto detailing for $30 as an aftercare service upgrade.

Next time bugs guts ruin the appearance of your ride, follow these four easy steps. Swing by any Big Splash Car Wash location, at our Overland Park car wash or our KC car wash to get rid of those nasty bugs once and for all!