Solar Energy Makes a Splash!

At Big Splash Car Wash, we’re always striving to be innovative and work to make cars in Kansas City and Overland Park clean, shiny and dry for an affordable price. That’s why this past year we installed a solar energy system at the Kansas City location. We’re already seeing the benefits of this ‘green’ source of electricity!

So, what exactly are solar panels? How do they work?  Solar panels harness the power of the sun’s energy and turn it into usable electricity. The ‘cells’ in the solar panels are typically composed of silicon and absorb the energy from the sun so that it can be transferred back to the power grid that feeds electricity throughout the city.

Solar energy is a clean, green alternative to traditional methods of burning fossil fuels – such as oil, gas, or coal – which release pollution into the environment and are gradually being used up. Unlike fossil fuels, the sun is a clean source of energy and possesses a virtually endless, always renewable source of power. And it’s very effective! In fact, the United States Department of Energy has indicated that the amount of solar energy that hits the surface of the earth about every hour is greater than the total amount of energy that the entire human population requires in a whole year.

The use of solar energy isn’t a new idea. The ancient Greeks and Romans structured their buildings to make use of the benefit of the sun’s warmth – the Greeks, for keeping their buildings warm in the winter; and the Romans, for growing fruits and vegetables in the world’s first greenhouses. The original solar technology as we know it today – made up of photovoltaic (photo – “light” and voltaic – “electricity”) solar cells, was invented back in the 1950’s, but it was used primarily only by the space industry at that time.

Today, solar panels are often used for everyday things like calculators, watches, and flashlights. The idea to implement solar panels on a larger scale for homes and businesses didn’t really catch on until almost forty years later.

Big Splash Car Wash also strives to reduce our energy costs in terms of gas and water too. We reuse a portion of the water at our sites and continue to explore the car wash industry’s latest ‘green’ technology. While our job is to make customers happy “One Clean Car at a Time”, we also want to contribute to the community by cutting down on pollution and producing as much clean energy as possible!