6 Things Your Wife Really Wants for Valentine’s Day
A woman's hands holding a red heart shaped gift box as the perfect valentine's day surprise for your wife.

Valentine’s Day has become somewhat of a Halt cliché type of holiday. Roses, chocolates, teddy bears, and maybe a dinner date are the standards. But what does your wife really want? Big Splash Car Wash has six gifts that go beyond flowers and candy.

Help with something around the house

If your wife does most of the housework in your family, she may appreciate help with this more than a box of chocolates. To be a gift, however, it should be something that she does not often get help with! To make it even better, make it a chore that you know she doesn’t enjoy. If she dreads laundry, do a few loads while she is out of the house. Offer to deep clean the fridge. Maybe it’s as simple as washing the windows because you know she’s mentioned how dirty they are! Whatever it is, she will be delighted and appreciative to have a task checked off her to-do list.

A Gift Card

Don’t think that a gift card is impersonal; it can be a very personal gift. If your wife enjoys shopping, this is a perfect gift. Someone who likes to shop may enjoy receiving gifts occasionally, but they may enjoy a shopping experience more! A gift card is a win-win. Throw in an additional gift card to her favorite coffee shop or for a massage, and you’ve just given her the perfect, guilt-free gift.

Relaxing Treats

There are several different items in this category. This is anything spa-like that you know she enjoys. This may be a massage or a reflexology treatment. It could be a manicure or a haircut. Bonus points for something she has been wanting to do for a while but hasn’t had time to do.

Bath Time Basket

Sometimes the most relaxing thing is a soak in a hot tub at the end of a long day. Fill a basket with different bath time treats, like bath oils or salts, a good book, and some chocolate. Then fill up the bath and let her soak!

Date Night

Of course, Valentine’s Day is a day for love. Your wife loves you and wants to spend time with you more than any gift, so plan a special date night. If you want to include a gift, go for it, but don’t forget to show you love her by simply taking her out on a fun date night.

Give the Gift of Clean

Keeping the car clean is a task that is always in the back of our minds. Purchase your wife an Unlimited Wash Club at Big Splash Car Wash and this why she can get her vehicle washed whenever is convenient for her! Big Splash Car Wash offers a variety of packages, and one is sure to be much appreciated!

Here’s to love and happiness! Happy Valentine’s Day from Big Splash Car Wash.