6 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle
Comparison between 2019 and 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee models.

Modern vehicles are significantly more reliable and longer lasting than vehicles made in the past. Vehicles are also much more expensive than they were in the past. With the large investment needed to buy a car, pickup truck, or SUV, it is important to get the most out of the vehicle. Big Splash Car Wash makes it easy for you to keep your vehicle clean and therefore help it last forever.

Change Oil

While modern synthetic oil protects better and lasts longer than it used to, it still needs to be changed on a regular basis. Vehicle owners should check their owner’s manual for the recommended change interval and change the oil as directed. Owner’s manuals will also state the proper oil type and weight for the vehicle. Oil change providers may recommend a more frequent change interval, but there is rarely a reason to change the oil more often than the manufacturer recommends.

Tire Maintenance

Tires play a key role in keeping vehicles and passengers safe. From accelerating on snow-covered roads to quickly stopping to avoid an accident, good tires can help drivers to stay safe and avoid collisions that could destroy a vehicle. When selling new tires, the tire manufacturer will recommend a rotation schedule. By keeping to this schedule, a car owner can be certain that his or her tires are safe and ready for the road. Rotation recommendations vary by manufacturer, but a general rule would be every 5,000 miles or every six months. Most tire technicians also will look at brake components for obvious problems when changing tires, creating a further benefit to proper tire care.

Don’t Ignore Lights

Modern vehicles rely on many sensors to help monitor vehicle performance. From low tire pressure to improperly heating oxygen sensors, these sensors will signal drivers that something is wrong. While an illuminated warning light may not signal a dire emergency, it is indicating that something is wrong (including all too often the sensor itself). It is important to have a trained technician use a scan tool to read the sensor codes when a warning light is on. Ignoring a warning light can increase wear to a vehicle, which may result in reduced service life.

Wash Underneath

Many car owners frequently wash their vehicles when they are new. However, over time many people begin to wash their vehicles less and less. While regular washing can help to maintain a vehicle’s appearance, keeping the underside of a vehicle clean can significantly extend its service life. Many vehicles with working engines and transmissions go to the salvage yard every year due to rust. Once a vehicle becomes badly rusted underneath, it will not be safe to drive. Though many rust issues can be repaired, the costs of the repair will often far exceed the value of the vehicle. To avoid excessive rust, vehicles should be taken to car washes that offer great car wash options. At a minimum, vehicles should be periodically sprayed underneath with a hose.

Drive Cautiously

In addition to caring for the vehicle, drivers should be careful to avoid damaging the vehicle in a collision. Driving the speed limit or less, increasing following distances, and avoiding aggressive driving maneuvers will decrease the chance of being in a collision. Though it isn’t possible to avoid bad driving in some situations, you can reduce time spent driving in bad weather, during periods of high traffic congestion, and at night to decrease your chances of being in an accident. Keeping lights and window glass clean will also make it easier to drive the vehicle safely.

Unlimited Wash Packages

Keeping your car clean can be very hard with any schedule but with Big Splash Car Wash, you can choose anytime that works for you! To keep your car running like new you should wash it three times a month. Especially in areas that receive a lot of snow where salted roads can cause rust to your vehicle’s body. The Unlimited Wash Club offers more savings the more you go! Keep your New Year’s resolution for cleanliness with our Unlimited Wash Club!

Whether a person only wants to drive a vehicle for a few years and trade it in or wants to keep it for 10 years or longer, a few steps can make the difference between a vehicle purchase being a wise investment and an expensive mistake. By simply keeping up with regular maintenance and not ignoring small problems, a car owner will reduce the risk of a serious problem developing. A little time spent keeping a vehicle in top condition can result in a lot more time enjoying the vehicle on the road. Keep driving with Big Splash Car Wash!